Frequently Asked Questions

Q- "Will my carpet be wet for days?"

A- The simple answer is NO! Many carpet cleaners use inferior trucks or portables using the terms Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning to get you in the door. In this business you do get what you pay for. It's simple, if you put water in you have to have a powerful machine to suck that water back out. Our trucks are the most powerful on the market. Your carpet may be damp for several hours but never sopping wet and there is never any damage done to the fibers of your carpet.

Q- "Why did some of my spots come back?"

A- This process is called "wicking". There's not a carpet cleaner in the world that can avoid this on certain spots. The soil mainly caused by liquids or oily substances gets well into the surface and backing and sometimes the padding. You can't over wet the carpet without damaging it, so unfortunately as many miracles as we make, you may have some spots that might return depending on what they are. We will let you know which ones concern us and usually the spots that "wick" back up can be cleaned again with great success. We guarantee that if we cant get it out, it won't come out!

Q- "Are your products safe for my children and pets?"

A- Yes! All of our products are non-toxic. In fact they are more powerful than the old chemical products used years ago. Your carpet will be left fresh and smelling fresh!

Q- "What about those coupons or specials for $10 a room or $99 for a whole house?"

A- No one and I mean no one would be able to support themselves charging that. Its a bait and switch to get their foot in the door so they can up sell you on pre spray, spotting, protectors, or other things. You will never end up paying that "coupon price". But because many have prepared for it by moving furniture they are inclined to just have them do it. Trust me, this is hard work and you will get what you pay for. Our pricing is fair, honest, and competitive and we would rather have you call us back then take your money and run.

Q- "How often should I clean my home?"

A- That really depends on some factors although we recommend at least once a year. If you have pets or children you may have to do it every 6 months. This may seem like a lot but think of your investment with your carpet. It's very expensive to replace and the better you take care of it the more money it puts back in your pocket. Plus the benefits of removing dust, dust mites, allergens, pollens, and other things that rest on your carpet will keep your whole family healthy. There's been many studies on this and the families who regularly clean their carpet get sick 30% less than homes that don't.

Q- "Can I walk on it after its done?"

A- YES! As long as your feet are clean you can walk on it! (socks are best)


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